The Greater Gallatin Valley Manufacturing Partnership (GGVMP) is a collaboration among area manufacturers with the objective to improve their competitive advantage in the manufacturing sector.

How It All Started

The Greater Gallatin Valley Manufacturing Partnership (GGVMP) was started in 2015 right after Governor Bullock’s Mainstreet Montana project was coming to an end. The project by the Governor brought people together to work on common issues with the goal of improving business. Our manufacturing partnership continued the work by having discussions with both the private and public sectors with the objective of improving the competitive advantage of the manufacturing sector in the Gallatin Valley. Since inception we have been meeting and implementing plans to address issues and seize opportunities we see across all manufacturing.

Educational Outreach

The GGVMP has spent time with the local schools to bring more awareness to opportunities in manufacturing. The GGVMP has developed a 10-day educational curriculum that gives students the opportunity to investigate potential career options in manufacturing. Our hands-on curriculum helps students recognize the importance of team-work and problem-solving skills by giving them real life manufacturing scenarios to work through in small group settings. Our curriculum is unique from the standpoint where individuals from our partnership help teach the class. This gives student first hand access to people who work in manufacturing every day.

State Approved Apprenticeship

Manufacturing partners in the GGVMP have dedicated time and resources to develop apprenticeship programs for some of the skilled labor jobs. Apprentices will have the opportunity to learn a trade under the direction of a skilled employer and in most cases, get paid to do so. At the completion of training, individuals will become certified in their trade and be recognized as a registered apprentice by the state of Montana. Please contact GGVMP partners directly to inquire about their apprenticeship opportunities.

"The manufacturing partnership is a great venue to discuss common issues and work towards solutions."

"We work to better educate high school students about possible manufacturing careers right here in Montana."

"Build relationships with other peer manufacturing companies to learn best practices and about cutting edge technologies."