Lean Alliance Team

The Lean Alliance Team of the GGVMP is a group dedicated to learning and advancing lean methodologies in manufacturing environments. From the start of the alliance we have grown from a handful of participants to over 80 participants. People come from Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and all over Montana to see what local manufacturers in the Gallatin Valley are doing. We have presentations to help educate manufacturers in areas such as 5S implementation, production workflow, layout planning and constraint elimination.

Meet the Lean Team

Technology Alliance Team

The Technology Alliance Team of the GGVMP is a group dedicated towards working on education in relation to the potential of adding automation and technology into manufacturing processes.

Logistics Alliance Team

The Logistics Alliance Team of the GGVMP is a group dedicated towards working on transportation, warehousing and shipping of raw materials.

In 2018 at the second annual Greater Gallatin Valley Manufacturing Partnership (GGVMP) Growth Workshop, led by Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) a question was posed:

"What if the Gallatin Valley had world-class logistics, warehousing, and inventory management resources?"

Several of us got together and considered our own situation and asked various leaders within our manufacturing community for logistics issues they face.

As part of that collaboration, we discovered that perhaps one of best ideas becomes the simplest – what if we enabled our members to use a tool that helps with real-time collaboration on shipping, warehousing, and inventory? What if we were to set up an online forum whereby members could coordinate on freight to consolidate backhauling and LTL shipments, warehouse requirements, or maybe even, moving excess inventory? Here is that resource available to you now.

Meet the Logistics Team

"The manufacturing partnership is a great venue to discuss common issues and work towards solutions."

"We work to better educate high school students about possible manufacturing careers right here in Montana."

"Build relationships with other peer manufacturing companies to learn best practices and about cutting edge technologies."