Manufacturing in Montana Today

The Department of Labor and Industry’s 2017 Montana Economy at a Glance report identified that Montana has the fastest growing manufacturing sector among all states for both one and five-year time frames. This explosive growth has opened up numerous opportunities for employment especially in the greater Gallatin Valley.

According to the Prospera Business Network 2018 Economic profile, Gallatin and Park County housed 282 manufacturing firms and hired over 4,400 employees. Manufactures in the greater Gallatin Valley make everything from food products to heavy equipment and from apparel to pet products and from scientific equipment to laser systems.

The Montana Department of Labor reported that in 2016 the Southwest Region of Montana contained 6,256 jobs in manufacturing. In 2018, the Research & Analysis Bureau expect there to be a 13% growth in available jobs between 2016-2026.

Manufactures Need You!

Do you have the skills it takes to work in manufacturing? Today, manufactures are looking for dedicated individuals who pay close attention to detail, are strong communicators, are team players and are willing to learn new skills. Many of the Gallatin Valley manufactures have opportunities for entry level to advanced level positions.

What Level of Education Do I Need?

Gallatin College

With a high school diploma or GED many of the entry level positions are available for hire. More specialized jobs may require previous work experience, professional certificate, associate degree or bachelor’s degree.

Local educational resources such as the Gallatin College MSU supports the manufacturing industry with programs that can help prepare you for or advance your career in Manufacturing.

What Is My Potential Income Working in Manufacturing?

On average, with no prior experience, the entry level yearly income for full - time work in the manufacturing field in Gallatin Valley averages $27,000.00. That is a starting wage of $13.00 per hour. With more experience and training, the average yearly income for advanced production work is around $41,500.00 per year. That averages about $20 per hour.

*This is an average estimate of wage. Each manufacture may vary depending on the product they produce, and the skill levels needed.

The New Face of Manufacturing

The dangerous and often dirty work environment that existed in manufacturing a generation ago is no longer a reality in the 21st century. Many of the manufacturing jobs in the Gallatin Valley are high-tech, fast-paced and require the use of a variety of skills.

Manufacturing firms in the Gallatin Valley strive for employee safety. Employers are required to comply with OSHA safety standards as well as state and federal law.

Want to See a Factory for Yourself?

Touring one of our many factories in the Greater Gallatin Valley is a perfect way to see for yourself the amazing work being done right here in the valley. Check out the list of manufactures who are happy to give you a tour. Please contact them to arrange for a visit.

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